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About SandyShores Properties

SandyShores is rooted in service and prides itself on principles focused on this concept. We understand time spent away from home is special and should be enjoyed. A vacation rental should provide guests with a comfortable, welcoming base to make well-deserved memories.


We are boutique by design. Our guests and owners are not a number or an address. High quality, attention to detail, customized service is the cornerstone of our mission and deliverables.


Our team’s broad array of expertise and experience in finance, marketing, operations, and service are critical to delivering an exceptional service and experience. Though these are critical, even more importantly, a strong passion and drive exists. This experience and drive combine to support our mission of delivering excellence.


If you would like to learn more or discuss, please reach out. We’d love to connect! | 843.708.2651


Cheryl, Jennifer, and Brian

Comprehensive.  Customized.  Peace of Mind.  And More.

Coordinated Goals

We manage your property with a primary focus on your goals and needs. No two properties are alike, and no two set goals are alike.

High Cleaning Standards

Cleaning and sanitizing are of utmost importance. Additionally, the property is inspected prior to each guest arrival to ensure it meets our high quality standards.


You have needs. Guests have needs. The importance of acting promptly is understood and is a core value.

Need help managing your rental property?

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